We are looking for 12 people who want change!
The first 30 days are critical for implementing good habits and we've got your plan to do it.

The 3 Step Process Is Simple:


Schedule a 45-minute free No-Sweat session with one of our coaches to share about yourself and develop some goals to build your strength, fitness, and confidence. We’ll help you with an easy workout and get you setup for your first intro month.


Your Intro Month is a membership that comes with 3 x 45-minute Intro Sessions and access to our regular group classes. You are able to start attending group classes right away, we just ask you complete all three Intro Sessions with your coach prior to the end of the month. The price is $179.


Once you have completed your initial month, you choose an option that works best for you as you continue the path to an amazing transformation.



  • • 3 x 45-minute Intro Sessions with a coach


  • • 1 Jacked Nutrition Consult


  • • 1 Fitness Level Assessment and Goal Setting Session
  • • 1 Full Month of Unlimited CrossFit Classes


  • •  Programming and Accountability




Erica Bridgman, CFJacked Member

Summer of 2016 at 32 years of age I was dead. Physically, mentally, and emotionally dead. I gained 20+ pounds and started having symptoms of multiple autoimmune diseases.


After seeing a multitude of doctors, none of which could tell me what’s wrong, a friend of ours suggested CrossFit Jacked.


I started my journey with CrossFit Jacked October 2016. Six months later I have lost 19 pounds, from a size 6-8 in pants to a 0-2, and gained a ton of muscle and strength.


My energy is through the roof and I no longer have symptoms of an autoimmune disease on a daily basis. I now have LIFE AND, I’m CRUSHING my goals!!

Aarong Godwin, CFJacked Member


For the first time in my life, my body is actually craving exercise. I don’t go 3 days a week anymore, 5 classes a week is my new minimum and I look for every way to make it to 6 or 7.


I’ve lost 51 pounds since joining Crossfit Jacked 5 months ago, for a grand total of 98 pounds lost. I feel better physically than I have since I was a teenager.


I’ve always been a big guy, but I never enjoyed lifting weights until CrossFit Jacked.


I don’t have to compare myself to the strongest guy, all I have to do is be better than I was yesterday. In total, I’ve dropped 10 pants sizes and went from wearing 4XL shirts to wearing 2XL.


I sleep better, I snore less, I’m more confident, and there is no denying that I look better.

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