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05 Mar

It’s Ryan’s birthday today and no better way to celebrate Ryan than by featuring him in today’s Member Monday.  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Ryan you know how truly nice he is.  If you’ve ever seen him in the gym, you know how truly strong he is.  Happy birthday to the nicest, strongest guy we know!

27 Feb

There are 2 types of people that we see walk into CrossFit classes.  There are those who are excited and ready to jump right in and there are those who are a bit standoffish trying to take it all in.  


Nothing wrong with either but there is something that both have in common.  They’re both nervous and neither are sure what to expect.  


As a strength and conditioning coach, it’s my job to not only help people get in great shape but to help these people feel comfortable and allow them to realize that CrossFit is something anyone can do.


Knowing this, we’ve come up with 10 things you can expect on your first day of CrossFit.

26 Feb

Determination is a word used often to compliment and describe someone who lets nothing stand in there way.


According to Merriam-Webster, determination is a firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end.


This perfectly describes this week’s member, Rian Melchiorre. Rian joined us shortly after giving birth to her son, Jax.


Since that time, we’ve watched Rian’s transformation develop in front of us. Weight loss, overall strength, and a healthier lifestyle are what we’ve seen of Rian but we know there’s more to her than that.

12 Feb

Let’s turn the member spotlight on one of our long-time members, Tasha Bryant! Continue reading to learn more about what brought Tasha to CrossFit Jacked and her experience thus far.

Tell us about yourself.  Work?  Family life?

 I’ve been married to my very best friend for almost 18 years! I have two awesome children that I am extremely proud of, Allie and Emma. I’ve also been a nurse for 17 years. 15 of those years have been as a urology nurse for Urology Associates of Mobile.

What made you try CrossFit for the first time?

The first time I decided to try CrossFit was after watching Allie and Wilson do a class. I pretty much decided that after 5 min. of watching them I wanted to do it. I was ready to sign up after the first day of my trial. 

29 Jan

I love vanilla ice cream. Yeah, I know…I’m a gym owner and just admitted to loving ice cream. Not just loving ice cream but sometimes craving ice cream.


And I love having ice cream, especially after a meal.


Whether it’s the sweet tooth or the fat kid inside of me, it’s one thing I really enjoy. But I’m not an idiot about it. I don’t eat ice cream under certain conditions. For instance, if I woke up the morning too heavy or if I’m not going to work out that day then I don’t eat ice cream.

18 Jan

From the moment I stepped on the floor of a CrossFit gym, I was hooked. Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, gymnastics….all rolled into one. One hell of a workout my friends.

It’s Bootcamp with a barbell and it’s a beautiful thing. High-intensity movements leave you gasping for air and wondering where this exercise program has been all your life.

Don’t believe me? Just ask the hundreds of thousands other CrossFitters around the world and I’m certain they’ll be ready to tell you too.

However, CrossFit is more than just an exercise program. It’s become a sport as well. Ever watch the CrossFit Games on ESPN? Well, what you’re watching is the Super Bowl of CrossFit. It’s the elite of the elite in fitness where strength, agility, and conditioning are all rolled into one.

11 Dec

I’ll never forget my first day of CrossFit and how impressed I was with the number of athletes around me. I was inspired, motivated and a bit nervous to get started but knew I found a fitness program that was going to keep me coming back.  

One moment in particular that I will never forget is seeing this one guy who not only was strong but had the build all guys would high-five you for and have the girls leave feeling giddy.

The guy was definitely jacked, and just as important, willing to help. Over the next few weeks, I got to know him better and I asked him if CrossFit could get me looking like that. Believe me, I had my doubts. I’d only been doing CrossFit for a short while and it wasn’t your normal workout that you’d find in a fitness magazine with fixed sets and reps.

But, here’s what he said, “You get out of it what you put into it.” Here’s what he meant. Plenty of people walk into a gym and are consistently inconsistent. They show up 5 days the first week and then 1 day the next. Whether it’s a busy work schedule, muscle soreness, life in general, there will always be an excuse.