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03 Dec

Let me be real with you for a minute. Building muscle takes time. So before you go looking through this article trying to find a quick fix to building muscle, let me end the chase now because there is no quick-fix.

When it comes to muscle-building and conditioning it’s far easier to increase your conditioning than it is to pack on t-shirt tearing strength.

I see this over-and-over as a CrossFit coach. Muscle-building and overall strength take time and you have to put in the work to reap the rewards.

I think you know this already so what I want to give you today is a simple 2 step method to help you build muscle, look good, and feel great.

Though the steps are simple, the process is anything but. I can tell you all day long what to do but you have to put the time, energy and effort in to get this done.

Whether you’re 130 lbs soaking wet and need to put on weight or you’re obese and need to lose weight here’s the skinny (no pun intended) on building the body you desire.

24 Nov

With the holidays quickly approaching, there is a sense of excitement wherever we go. Thanksgiving and Christmas change the normalcy in our lives as the kids are home on a school break, we’re spending time with family we don’t normally see, and we eat like Kings.

And even as a fitness expert, yes, I love to eat! Seriously, the spreads this time of year are amazing. I remember up until a few years ago how my holiday eating would go and it never ended in me feeling amazing afterward.

I would stack my plate during the meal with everything served on the table. I’d take care of my first plate and then go back and make a second plate of the foods I particularly liked and I would then be completely stuffed like the turkey I just ate.

23 Nov

Looking for the ultimate core exercise. Then look no further than the overhead squat.

It’s the ultimate movement in athleticism as it works muscle groups large and small which translate into athletic speed and power.

If you’re not currently training the overhead squat whether it’s lack of know-how or your gym doesn’t allow it then it’s time to change your workout regimen.

08 Nov

We had an opportunity to check-in with one of our members, Erica Bridgman, as we recognize her as Athlete of the Month.  Erica discusses her journey thus far in CrossFit and how not only her physical health but mental health has improved over the course of a year.

Check out the video below and see for yourself how CrossFit Jacked can improve your life.

10 Aug

We recently caught up with one of our teenage athletes, Ethan Jordan.  Ethan was one of our very first athletes when we opened our doors and his work ethic and great attitude have prospered amazing results which is why he’s our athlete of the month.  

In less than a year, Ethan has been able to lose over 50 pounds while increasing his overall strength.  Check out his video and see the transcript below to see how Ethan  has been able to succeed in this awesome transformation!

04 Jul


You think CrossFit is just about improving your fitness? You got it all wrong. If you’re looking for a complete overhaul on your current lifestyle and are looking to level up, then look no further. The benefits of CrossFit carry over from fitness into your personal life and everywhere in-between.  It’s time to level up your game.


How so, you ask? That’s what I’m here to answer for you. CrossFit is so much more than an exercise program. Because you see an exercise program is simple. The benefit is a healthy body. That’s a no-brainer.


However, because of the intensity and challenge in CrossFit, there is so much value in the workout that’s hardly ever discussed. So let’s discuss it.

28 Jun

The State of Temporary

It’s happened to every human on the planet, including myself. Here’s what normally happened to me. I would get on a fitness kick and it would be awesome for a little while, and then, something in my mind would change and I could no longer sustain the healthy habit I achieved. I would typically feel like I was falling behind at work and so I then replaced my fitness craze with longer work hours.


Of course, I would tell myself this was only “temporary” until I got caught up. After all, I reached my latest fitness goal. Not a time went by where this state of “temporary” didn’t turn into something more long-term.


Think about all the New Years Resolutions out there. Why do we quit our resolutions we so proudly make? Time is a major cause of failure. We no longer have time anymore. Rather, we no longer want to make the time.


So, if not having enough time is the problem. How do we stand to correct it? How do we sustain a life of good health?