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31 Oct

Want to be a raffle winner? Rules are simple. ) Be a member of CrossFit Jacked. 2) Show up to class a minimum of 3 days per week. 3) Login to WODIFY and post your results.

You will automatically be entered to win at the end of each week. Stay tuned to Facebook Sunday evening as we reveal this week’s winner!

23 Oct

If you’re wanting to lose weight I can assume that you want to lose weight now.  Well, this post is for you because I like the “now”.  I like to see action taken and seeing immediate results.  

Just like the reason we work is to get paid we go to the gym and practice good nutritional habits to look good and feel great.

If we were to go to work but not get paid, then why would we work in the first place?  Compare that to going to the gym but then not dialing in our nutrition so we don’t lose weight.

We’re not comfortable in our skin.  So what’s the point of working out?

19 Oct

If you’re looking to build muscle and increase your aerobic engine, it takes work.  There are no shortcuts.  Showing up to the gym on days when you don’t want to and putting in the extra reps when your mind is telling you to stop are crucial to your success.

But what if you’re already showing up consistently and breaking down the mental barriers you encounter?  The solution is choosing the right exercises for muscle growth and metabolic conditioning.  There are many exercises out there but some pack more punch than others.  So let’s break it down.

05 Sep

We love to eat at CrossFit Jacked and eat well we do.  The most important thing you can do for your body is to fill it with the right foods instead of the processed garbage that’s so easy to find.

Each week we’ll be throwing out some recipes on our blog that will hopefully inspire you to eat healthy and eat well.  You can come in the gym every day and bust your rump but until you quit indulging in garbage you’re never going to see results.