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05 Sep

We love to eat at CrossFit Jacked and eat well we do.  The most important thing you can do for your body is to fill it with the right foods instead of the processed garbage that’s so easy to find.

Each week we’ll be throwing out some recipes on our blog that will hopefully inspire you to eat healthy and eat well.  You can come in the gym every day and bust your rump but until you quit indulging in garbage you’re never going to see results.

04 Sep

I love being a CrossFit coach.  There’s nothing quite like watching the light bulb turn on.  Well, that’s just a saying but what I’m talking about is the moment an athlete finally figures it out.  

Whether it’s the athlete’s first double under, finally turning over in a muscle up or hitting a squat clean perfectly, being part of that first success is an adrenaline rush.

And how about when an athlete finally hits the RX button for the very first time?  Incredible.  I still remember hitting the blue RX button for the first time and being so pumped!  I felt unstoppable like so many others do when they’ve done the same.

03 Sep

Fitness is simple.  You go to the gym and do the work.  Nothing to it, right?  If only it were like this.  Mindset is crucial when starting a fitness routine so it’s imperative you’re enjoying what you do.

That’s one of the many reasons why CrossFit is so popular.  The workouts are always changing, they’re always challenging and it’s always fun.  So how do you get the most out of your CrossFit workouts?  CF Jacked is here to help.

02 Sep

Getting fit is something that’s easy to put on the back burner.  After all, you can put it off for a little while and it feels like there’s no effect.

That is until you go up the stairs one day and realize you’re suddenly out of breath. Or you go to put on your pants one morning and your pants are a little tighter. Time goes by a little longer and the next thing you know your waist is outgrowing your belt. Now, you’re having to buy a new belt.

01 Sep

College Football is now back in full swing, Labor Day weekend is upon us and it’s Friday. To celebrate this Fantastic Friday today, we’re going to have a little fun.

CrossFit Jacked has searched the internet high and low, heck, even some we’ve come up with on our own but we’re bringing you a whole host of ways you can determine if you’re in love with CrossFit.

We hope you enjoy, maybe even laugh a little and can relate to a whole lot.

31 Aug

We’ve all been there. No matter how much we make an attempt sometimes the day doesn’t allow us to make it to the gym.  What do we do?  Do we quit going altogether?  Seriously, we missed one day, our life is doomed.

It’s easy to fall into that trap.  Our unconscious mind starts talking to us and makes excuses for our fat butts the next day telling us it’s okay and that we’ll right the ship next week.  I know it’s true because you’re hearing from the biggest excuse-maker there ever was.

30 Aug

To the beginner, CrossFit can be overwhelming at times. Think about it. Brain stimulation going haywire. You’re coping with a new atmosphere, loud music, sweaty smiling people, technical movements you’re attempting to learn and then the CrossFit terminology on top of it all.

“Pood”? Well, you can bet that I’m not touching anyone’s “Pood”. So, here comes CFJ to the rescue with a quick guide to 53 of the most common terms we use in CrossFit.

29 Aug

No one has ever gotten fit overnight. It takes consistent work and a focused mindset to get the end result. You have to motivate yourself each day to do the stuff that doesn’t come easy. Becoming fit starts with your mindset but you’re going to need more than mindset to stick to fitness for the long haul. And if you haven’t made fitness a priority going to the gym each and every day is not going to be easy.

This is where CrossFit Jacked is here to help. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate. I can relate. I used to think of fitness as something I’d commit to eventually. You know the ‘One Day’ syndrome. “One day I’ll start going to the gym.” One day this, one day that.

28 Aug

A good timer can be hard to find but that’s where CrossFit Jacked is here to help.  The reason we’re reviewing a timer app is because it wasn’t too long ago that I had it all figured out.

Why a Timer App Review?

I was using the PushPress Free Timer App and life was great.PushPress Timer Image  That was until PushPress decided to open the door to load their app with advertisements.

Not that I necessarily mind advertisements but it messed up the functionality of the app that I so obsessively loved.

The timer screen had to adapt to the advertisement that was now placed on the screen so instead of making the advertisement smaller PushPress “intelligently” made the timer smaller instead.  Thus, it became very easy to click on the advertisement when attempting to push “Play” or “Pause” on the timer.

With the timer being smaller it was also harder to see the time from far away.