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12 Feb

Let’s turn the member spotlight on one of our long-time members, Tasha Bryant! Continue reading to learn more about what brought Tasha to CrossFit Jacked and her experience thus far.

Tell us about yourself.  Work?  Family life?

 I’ve been married to my very best friend for almost 18 years! I have two awesome children that I am extremely proud of, Allie and Emma. I’ve also been a nurse for 17 years. 15 of those years have been as a urology nurse for Urology Associates of Mobile.

What made you try CrossFit for the first time?

The first time I decided to try CrossFit was after watching Allie and Wilson do a class. I pretty much decided that after 5 min. of watching them I wanted to do it. I was ready to sign up after the first day of my trial.