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Jacked Juniors

To Them, The Gym Is A Big Playground

To you, we're a way to teach them skills, movements, and healthy habits they will keep for life.

An Exercise Program For Kids

A hybrid of our traditional CrossFit program, Jacked Juniors encourages play, correct movement patterns, active & inclusive involvement and most of all fun.

Think running, skipping, jumping, ball games, gymnastics, lifting and moving unusual objects, team challenges and much, much more….

The program will also aim to provide informal teaching to encourage and promote healthy lifestyle factors, such as the importance of good nutrition.

Why Should My Child Become A Jacked Junior?

Kids are programmed to run, jump, throw, carry, and climb.

Using these movements while at play is not only important for keeping kids fit and healthy, it’s a necessary part of their development.

Jacked Juniors is designed for children of all abilities and backgrounds and will help your child improve his or her strength, conditioning, agility, balance, accuracy, and coordination, in a fun group-environment full of games and challenges.

If your child wants to be better at field sports, gymnastics, dance, or any other activity, or simply needs to burn some extra energy around other kids, we can get them there!

Our Summer Program

Jacked Juniors is a 4-week Summer program that meets twice per week on Monday and Wednesday afternoon beginning Monday, June 3rd.

Classes are 45 minutes in length.

✅ PM: 3:00

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