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The references below contain some affiliate links, which means CFJ receives a small percentage if you make a purchase using one of these a few years we might have enough to buy ourselves a sandwich!

Must Read Books

Starting Strength – One of the more popular strength programs on the market and one we recommend individuals begin with as an introduction to lifting weights.  Don’t let the term “beginner” fool you.  Starting Strength is a legit program that will help you become a better athlete in time. 

5/3/1– This is a great program to pursue after you’ve gotten all you can from Starting Strength. Use this book to further your knowledge on how to start the program and then purchase Jim Wendler’s next book, Beyond 5/3/1.

Beyond 5/3/1– The best powerlifting program out there in our opinion.  5/3/1 has so many variables that you’ll never get bored with the program.  Do yourself a favor and buy the book.

Jailhouse Strong– One of the best bodyweight program books leaving you with many options on how to implement bodyweight exercises into your training.  You’ll see the methods used by jail-house inmates that give them that Jacked and Strong look.  You can check out our review here.

Practical Programming for Strength Training  – An exhaustive look  into strength training with detailed programming for all ages, beginner to advanced.  This is a must read for anyone who is the slightest bit interested in how to get stronger.  Amazing detail, from start to finish.

Fit Physique: Six Weeks to Lean – Free to every member of CrossFit Jacked, Joe Peek tells all how he went about losing fat and building muscle.  He lays out the framework to building a great body and walking you through his exact plan on how he lost 17 pounds while packing on slabs of muscle.

Favorite Links

Beyond The Whiteboard– A paid subscription site ($5.00 per month) like none other.  BTWB gauges your fitness level based on a number of criteria.  Tracking your workouts each day, BTWB measures the following: powerlifting, weightlifting, speed, endurance, light WODS, heavy WODS, long WODS and bodyweight WODS to give you an average score.  This is a great tool to add in your arsenal as you become a better CrossFitter.  Free for CrossFit Jacked members.

Random WOD Generator– There’s nothing more fun than hopper WODS.  Use this site to give you some WOD ideas when you feel you’re up for some extra work.

Jacked and Strong– A blog on physical and mental strength from the owner of CrossFit Jacked, Joe Peek.  With over 50 articles on nutrition, strength training and mindset this is a site to inspire you and keep you working towards your goals.

CrossFit Journal– The main source of information for CrossFit.  The Journal archives date back to April 2002.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the CrossFit Journal, you’re not going to find it.


 4Time - If you have a good timer to track your workouts, keep it.   However, if you’re in need of a good timer, look no further.  4Time is an easy to use app and gives you everything you need to track your WOD times.  

Spotify - One of the best music apps out there.  Create playlists for any occasion. You can also listen to radio stations categorized by songs or artists and listen to your friends shared playlists.

Sleep Cycle - Want to get the most out of your sleep?  One way to help you do that is by tracking and analyzing it.  Sleep Cycle helps you do just that.

MyFitnessPal - One of the more popular nutrition apps and it’s free.  Set up an account, register your personal features and you’re all set.  Enter in the foods you eat throughout the day to ensure you’re on track towards your fitness goals.

LoseIt - Another great app to track the calories and macronutrients you consume.  Easy to use and also free.  We’ve been using it for years at CrossFit Jacked.


5/3/1 – Jim Wendler - We mentioned the book before but it’s worth mentioning again.  For beginners and intermediate lifters alike, this program rocks.  It will challenge you and make you crave the barbell.  Try it out.

StrongLifts - Like Starting Strength, this is another great beginner strength program.  You’ll be lifting 3 days per week using 5 sets of 5 reps.  Focus of the program is placed on the back squat, bench press, deadlift and overhead press.

Catalyst Athletics - This site is full of great olympic lifting programming.  From beginner to advanced, there is something for you on this site.  Unfamiliar with a movement?  Catalyst has you covered with their extensive video library on any barbell movement known to man.

Power & Grace Performance - A site dedicated to CrossFitters and weightlifters, alike.  These guys bring a wealth of experience and cover every facet of fitness including strength, metabolic conditioning, mobility and nutrition.  It’s no wonder CrossFit Jacked chooses Power and Grace as their fitness program provider.


Barbell Shrugged– This is the podcast to listen if you’re serious about fitness.  These guys not only cover CrossFit but also include weightlifting, powerlifting, nutrition and recovery.  If you haven’t checked out an episode, this is a must.

Zach Even-Esh STRONG Life – Zach Even-Esh founded Underground Strength and has inspired many, including myself, to not only open a gym but follow their dreams.  This guy knows how to help people become stronger.  You’ll benefit by taking a lesson or two from him.

The WODcast Podcast - If you’re wanting a good laugh and you love fitness, this show is a must.  You’ll not only be entertained but you’ll learn something as well.  So much fun!

The Tim Ferriss Show - Author of the famous, “The 4 – Hour Workweek” Tim Ferriss puts on great interviews with informative topics.  Whether you’re a fan of his books or not, the guy is smart and he’ll open your mind to what may seem impossible.  A user-friendly podcast meaning there’s something in it for you.